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Bushings by The Federal Group USA
Innovation. Expertise. The Right Bushing for You!
The Federal Group USA is "The Leader in Global Manufacturing, Sourcing and Engineering Bushing Parts since 1980".

Original Equipment Manufacturers around the globe have repeatedly come to depend on The Federal Group USA for their custom requirements. TFG USA consistently delivers premium Bushing Parts, making it possible for our customers to reduce costs and increase profitability without compromising on quality or service.

Contact our Engineers for a more detailed explanation of the Bushings manufacturing Process or to request additional The Federal Group USA white papers and educational materials from our extensive FedCompass™ Library.

An effective custom Bushing manufacturing launch starts with a complete and thorough understanding of our customerís wants and needs. Actively listening to and collaborating with our customers enables us to develop innovative solutions and ensures success for each custom Bushing Parts manufacturing program that The Federal Group USA undertakes. We realize customer satisfaction drives our business and we are unyielding in our commitment to exceed your expectations in custom Bushing Parts quality, delivery and performance.

TFG USA is totally qualified and committed to manufacture Bushings to your exacting Blueprint Tolerances and Specifications.

Quality Assurance
Our products are manufactured in accordance with these national & international standards: