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Engineering & Manufacturing

The Federal Group USA delivers scalable, customizable, and cost-effective metal fabrication and manufacturing solutions to your doorstep. We deliver a positive impact to our customers by fulfilling their needs through world-class manufacturing, engineering expertise, and adherence to internationally acclaimed manufacturing standards.

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Cold Heading

Cold heading has typically been used to create pieces like simple fasteners, though with technology always improving, cold heading can be used to create highly specialized fasteners and specialty pieces.

Custom Fasteners

As important as it is to create quality metal parts, they won’t do any good unless you have something that holds them all together. Such is the job of fasteners.

Metal Stamping

Industries all over the country use metal stamping to create intricate components for machinery.

Metal Fabrication

We provide full-service metal fabrication services, working with you from product research to manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, also called 3D printing, is at the forefront of how Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry.

Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum die casting represents a safe, reliable process by which metal pieces can be cast and molded for a variety of purposes.

Precision CNC Machining

Precision CNC machining works with a variety of materials including metals, woods, acrylics, foams, and thermoplastics.

Screw Machining

Screw machining is the process of rapidly spinning lathes that shave metal down to the desired size.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Our Engineering Professionals Are Dedicated To:

Improving Product Performance

Decreasing Time To Market

Lowering Manufacturing Costs

Our Process

  • Collaborate & Innovate
  • Manage
  • Monitor Manufacturing
  • Deliver

Collaborate & Innovate

We are a multi-product, multi-industry supplier of industrial component parts and assemblies. We manage global logistics and supply chain operations from India, North America, Europe, and Asia. Our supplier management team controls ISO conformance and manufacturing audits. We are committed to giving our customers the support they need in order to leverage their competitive advantage in today’s global environment. Our team has the equipment, manufacturing and tooling knowledge to ensure the exacting demands that your products require.

The Federal Group USA has the staff in place to responsibly undertake quality control and supervise the distribution, logistics and reliable delivery of your products. Our global network of reliable manufacturing facilities and our knowledge of the entire supply chain network make The Federal Group USA an indispensable partner.


Our team of domestic and global engineers controls, supervises and manages all critical aspects of the manufacturing process from PPAP to production. We work with our customers to implement strategies that result in real cost savings and benefits to help your company stay globally competitive. Our dedicated staff will help find the solutions to your manufacturing challenges.

Monitor Manufacturing

Supply Chain Management is the strategic identification of a long term plan aimed at finding real solutions to manufacturing and distribution needs. Our outstanding sourcing-to-delivery solutions come from a decades-long history of making sure our factories meet and maintain certain benchmarks.

We perform factory audits and system audits that will meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. The experts at The Federal Group USA have the capability, knowledge and experience to be your manufacturing partners.


Our team has the equipment, manufacturing, and tooling knowledge to ensure the exacting demands that your products require. The Federal Group USA has the staff in place to not only control our factories, but to responsibly undertake quality control and supervise the distribution, logistics and reliable delivery of your products. Our global network of reliable manufacturing sites and our knowledge of the entire supply management network make The Federal Group USA an indispensable supply chain partner.

Our Products

From prototype to production

Our team of procurement, engineering, and manufacturing experts have experience creating products for a wide variety of industries.


Quality Management and Integrity

At The Federal Group USA our staff is on the ground for each phase of the Supply Chain Management operation. The Federal Group USA employs engineers who direct machining processes and inspect tooling and equipment to ensure that we are meeting all demands and requirements.

Our ISO 9001 quality management system is under continuous improvement to satisfy our customers’ ever changing requirements. The Federal Group’s Quality Management System is certified ISO 9001 by NSF International. Incorporating world-class excellence, in an ongoing effort to ensure your success.

Case Studies
Case Studies

Handlebar Assembly Tolerance Study

The following report is an analysis of the hole position tolerance for a handlebar weldment. We have further studied our manufacturing and inspection practices, and have determined that 100% of our parts meet the drawing requirements. We understand that there is an issue fitting the handlebars to the mating “pod” assembly, so you will find our suggestion near the end of this report.

Client Testimonials

The work done by you and your team at The Federal Group has been phenomenal! The to print part, that I could not find any other fastener supplier to make, was perfect. The part was top quality and cost effective. Most importantly, The Federal Group’s expedited option to get our parts made and delivered was certainly above and beyond.

Your teams dedicated work ensured our plant did not stop production. To know this was done in the extraordinary times of COVID-19, only furthers my exceptional expectations of The Federal Group. Thank you and your team for all you have done.

Nicole M.
Buyer at Private Mower Manufacturer

The Federal Group is a top-notch supplier of ours. They take quality very seriously and strive to ensure we have exactly what we want and when we need it. Communication is excellent. Service is excellent. I have worked with this supplier directly for better than 7 years now, and still considered one of my best suppliers.

We’ve recently expanded our product line with this company and are excited to partner on this line and on future projects. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have such a responsive company, and rep, Richard, to work with. I highly recommend this supplier.

Sher S.
Buyer at Agricultural Equipment Company
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