Collaborate & Innovate

Our team of experts works closely with our customers to aid in the design of prototypes while brainstorming design options, contingency plans, and anticipating challenges. Our engineers help you avoid risk while staying focused on quality, efficiency and cost-savings. From simple to complex manufacturing decisions, our staff is trained to find solutions and help you be informed. By providing these services, we help our customers mitigate risk and ensure quality and delivery objectives are maintained.  Our mission is to be an invaluable resource for your manufacturing and assembly needs.

Evaluating Suppliers & Monitoring Production

Our team of domestic and global engineers controls, supervises and manages all critical aspects of the manufacturing process from PPAP to production. We work with our customers to implement strategies that result in real cost savings and benefits to help your company stay globally competitive. Our dedicated staff will help find the solutions to your manufacturing challenges.

Sourcing Suppliers

Supply Chain Management is the strategic identification of a long term plan aimed at finding real solutions to manufacturing and distribution needs. Our outstanding sourcing-to-delivery solutions come from a decades-long history of making sure our suppliers meet and maintain certain benchmarks.
We perform supplier audits and system audits that will meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. The experts at The Federal Group USA have the capability, knowledge and experience to be your manufacturing partners.

We Deliver

We are a multi-product, multi-industry supplier of industrial component parts and assemblies. We manage global logistics and supply chain operations from China, Taiwan, Europe, and North America. Our supplier management team controls ISO conformance and manufacturing audits. We are committed to giving our customers the support they need in order to leverage their competitive advantage in today’s global environment. Our team has the equipment, manufacturing and tooling knowledge to ensure the exacting demands that your products require. The Federal Group USA has the staff in place to not only audit our suppliers, but to responsibly undertake quality control and supervise the distribution, logistics and reliable delivery of your products.  Our global network of reliable suppliers and our knowledge of the entire supply management network make The Federal Group USA an indispensable supply chain partner.

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