What We Do

We’re Part of Your Team…From Product Search to Procurement

The Federal Group USA’s engineering professionals can improve product performance, decrease time to market and lower your manufacturing cost.

With product development cycles decreasing and pricing pressures mounting, today’s manufacturers have to test their products before they ever leave the drawing board. The Federal Group USA is there to help. With an experienced team of finite element analysis professionals, we can analyze your product and identify weaknesses without expensive and time-consuming prototypes. The Federal Group USA will help you be first to market with outstanding products.

Why Outsource to The Federal Group USA?

The Federal Group USA is a group of engineering professionals committed to improving our clients’ products. Our team uses a range of methods to analyze and optimize designs in a range of industries. The Federal Group USA provides world-class engineering, low rates, and communication skills that ensure that the job is done right the first time.

  • Manage peak analysis loads cost-effectively
  • Rely on a team of expert engineers
  • Decrease development time while improving product quality
  • Focus on the system and let us focus on the parts

What We Do

The Federal Group USA takes pride in years of partnership with our clients. In each engagement, our professionals give clients insight into their parts and assemblies. Armed with The Federal Group USA analysis, clients can:

  • Increase product reliability
  • Shorten development time
  • Decrease manufacturing cost
  • Provide in-depth understanding of your product

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