February 4, 2014

Another Successful TFG USA Casting Project

We’re on a roll in 2014!

Castings by The Federal Group USA
300 parts of a large size 2507 Duplex stainless steel pump diffusers are undergoing final inspection before being packed and shipped to one of our customer’s assembly plants.

It’s a brand new year and The Federal Group USA has been hard at work satisfying the many wide-ranging needs of our customers. We are very excited to announce the completion of yet another successful TFG USA casting project! Casting is a complex manufacturing process by which a liquefied metal is carefully poured into a hollowed-out form or desired shape. This mold solidifies and your complex casting is completed to your precise specifications.

 The Leader in Custom Metal Casting Manufacturing

The Federal Group USA has long been the industry leader in producing the finest quality products. For over 30 years, we have manufactured a diverse variety of metal castings for our valued customers.  Our processes encompass Precision, Glass, Die, Sand and Investment Castings. Our castings are produced from many types of materials including Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, and Exotic Metals as well as specially blended materials! Even better – we can produce these castings to your exact blueprint tolerances and specifications! WE ARE YOUR SPECIALTY CUSTOM MANUFACTURER!

Contact Us for Your Metal Casting Needs

The Federal Group USA is ready and able to meet your demands! Globally, we have the highest quality manufacturing facilities. Our engineering and sales team can guide you through your most challenging projects with ease. If you are interested in our metal casting services or any of our other manufacturing services, please contact us at our Southfield, Michigan headquarters. For more information, please click here .


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