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Pipe and Tubing

Many customers are curious as to the difference between pipe and tubing material.  In general, tubing is defined by the outside diameter (OD).  As such, the tube bending and forming is typically a more reliable material process than pipe because the OD tolerance is more exacting.  On the other hand, pipe manufacturers make sure that the inner dimension of the pipe isn’t most consistent in order to best assess the necessary space allocated to fluids or other objects that must pass through it.

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About Pipe and Tubing

Nonetheless, both pipe and tubing are manufactured using a very similar process that includes cutting, piercing, and forming towards there ultimate end of meeting the desired specification.,

Tube fabrication material is straight forward.  The tube is usually used for store fixtures or structures where you want the measurement to be on the outside.  The tube is defined and measured by the OD or outside diameter.  The strength of the tube or pipe is defined by the wall thickness.  Tube bending and forming is most consistent than pipe because the OD tolerance is more consistent and that is how a bending is setup, to the outside dimensions of the tube or pipe.  Conversely, pipe manufacturers make sure that the ID is the most consistent feature of the pipe because fluids or other objects are normally inside.

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Pipe and Tubing Capabilities

As a pipe and still manufacturer, TFG USA can readily offer its manufacturing expertise in tube production.  We offer engineering assistance from the beginning of an order to the finishing of a completed part and can provide guidance in selecting the correct materials, bend, cut, or desired finish for your custom pipe and tubing implementation.  Our capabilities include large-diameter light wall tubing, OEM and aftermarket exhaust tubing, in square, rectangular or round dimensions, with custom thickness, sizing, and material requirements.  Our wall thicknesses can range between 24 gauge to 10 gauge.

Common equipment utilized in metal tube fabrication includes:

  • CNC tube benders
  • Mazak lasers
  • Amada Press Brakes and Corner Notchers
  • Autosert Insertion Presses
  • Powder coating
  • MIG, TIG, or Robotic welding
  • Production drill presses
  • 60 Bliss OBI Presses
  • Rondo Tubes or Angle Rolls


Seamless or Welded, Round, Square, Hexagon, Oval, Octagon or Custom


Stainless Steel, Steel, HDPE, Ductile Iron (DIP), Copper, Galvanized, Aluminum, PVC & Custom Materials


5S, 10S, 40S, 80S, STD, 120, 160, etc. (Thickness: 1.0 MM to 45 MM)




Any diameter made to order


Fluid Transfer & Supply, Water, Steam, Irrigation, Sewer, Drain, Structural, Support, Cylinder Sleeves, Consumer Products, Component Parts, etc.

Starting A Pipe & Tubing Project

Contact the Federal Group USA for a free quote on your next pipe & tubing project. We specialize in a wide range of metal fabrication capabilities including metal forging, CNC machining, die casting, additive manufacturing, and much more. We have been a leader in custom metal fabrication for more than 30 years. Speak to one of our experienced team members today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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