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Our Process


The best parts start here.

Our experienced engineering team provides a professional design review at the start of every project to reduce overall build time and enhance results.


Manufacturing Feasibility

We draw on our deep expertise and experience in parts manufacturing to determine your ideal manufacturing solution before we quote it to ensure we’ve considered all cost, material, and quality factors.


Part Processing

Once we determine the most effective method for producing your requested part—forging, casting, machining, and extrusion or one of our other specialities—we’ll select the best-fit manufacturing process and manage the entire project to ensure everything is produced as specified.



The design isn’t always right the first time around. Our engineers collaborate with your team to optimize the design for your particular project and ensure the final product matches the initial vision.


Cost Reduction

To provide you with the most cost-effective solution, our engineering team will work with you to suggest alternative materials, processes, or capabilities for your metal parts project.

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