Precision Metal Fabrication
August 21, 2014

Precision Metal Fabrication At Our HD China Factory

Are you looking for high volume and quality metal fabrication for your current highway, government or industrial project? Take this tour of our metal fabrication China factory to find out why TFG USA can meet your supply chain needs.

HD China Factory Manufacturing Campus

Our nearly 533,000 square feet HD China factory was founded in 1998 and excels at high volume metal fabrication for government, highway and industrial projects. Based in Cangzhou, China, our factory employs over 300 workers including dynamic teams of  Senior Engineers, Technicians and Certified Welders. With a factory this size and this well equipped, we are sure to exceed your high quality demands.

Metal Fabrication And Other Products And Services

Our massive HD China campus specializes in the following high quality metal fabrication products and services:

Contact Us For All Of Your Metal Fabrication Needs

The Federal Group USA is your global manufacturing source for high volume metal components and assemblies. If you are looking for technical assistance or a quote for your current project, please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry. With over 100 years of combined  industry know-how and experience, we empower industrial buyers to be more productive.

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