Also known as “lost-wax castings”, investment castings are made from a variety of materials. The steps to create a product from this method are as follows:

1) Create a master pattern from wax, plastic, wood, etc.

2) From the master pattern, a master mould is created.

3) A wax pattern is created from the mould and assembled into as many clusters as desired, each connected to the other by a sprue.

4) Investment material is then applied to surround the wax and is hardened. This investment material can be made of aluminum, stainless steel alloys, brass, or ceramic. 5) Once the investment material is hardened, the wax pattern is melted out in a process called “Dewaxing”.

6) The mould is preheated to prevent deformities from molten metal cooling upon contact.

7) Molten metal is poured into the mould and allowed to harden.

8) The mould is removed in a process called “divesting”. This is where the saying “breaking the mould” comes from!