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Spline Shaft

These custom spline shafts that we recently completed are a manufacturing masterpiece. Every detail matters, from the meticulously machined external splines to the broached internal splines.

Keep reading to learn how TFG can help with your next custom spline shaft manufacturing project.

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Broaching Brilliance

The broaching process in spline gear manufacturing achieves precision with finesse. Utilizing a specialized tool, it cuts precise teeth into gears, both internal and external. This method ensures impeccable fit, form, and function, resulting in reliable and efficient power transmission mechanisms that meet the highest industry standards.

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One Spline at a Time

Each pre-hardened 4140 steel piece underwent carbon nitriding for unparalleled performance and durability. Carbon nitriding is a surface treatment process that enhances the hardness, wear resistance, and fatigue life of metals. By introducing carbon and nitrogen into the material’s surface, a hardened layer forms, improving its performance and durability.

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Our custom spline gear manufacturing services offer tailored solutions for precise motion transmission. Using advanced techniques like broaching, CNC machining, and high-quality materials, we craft intricate spline gears.

Count on The Federal Group USA to deliver efficient and reliable components that meet your unique requirements for various industries and applications.

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