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Brass Extrusions

What sets brass apart from other metals is its friction—when it’s rubbed against other metals, it doesn’t spark. That’s why brass is perfect for making things that require low friction, like locks, gears, bearings, doorknobs, ammunition casings, and valves. The technique most often used to manufacture them is brass extrusion, and it’s one of the Federal Group’s specialties. 

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Extrusion is a simple process compared to other methods, such as injection molding and die casting, which makes it one of most efficient techniques for manufacturing metal supplies. As a metalworking technique it’s much faster than older processes such as casting, which makes it a favorite for builders and artisans, and it produces excellent surface quality. 

Brass extrusions are in high demand in the architecture and construction industries, especially, but they’re used across a wide range of other industries including electronics, data centers, automotive, telecommunications, industrial, agricultural, consumer, and marine. 

Keep reading to learn what to look for in a brass extrusion manufacturer.

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What is Brass?

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. It’s a hardy metal capable of holding up well under pressure or extreme temperatures. It’s also an economical choice—it’s relatively easy and inexpensive to shape and form, with excellent machinability, meaning it can be rapidly and easily shaped. 

It’s a common metal that is used in manufacturing items we all use in everyday life, such as doorknobs, drawer pulls, and handrails.

How Does Brass Extrusion Work?

Similarly to how pasta is made—or, if you have small children, think Play-Doh—extruded brass is forced through a die, an extremely strong steel form with shaped holes. The brass that passes through the die becomes the final product, called an extrusion. With extrusion, you can start out with softened brass (hot extrusion) or room temperature brass (cold extrusion).

Brass extrusions can include shaped brass bars, flats, and plenty of other shapes. The Federal Group offers a variety of brass extrusion profiles, including round, hexagon, and square, along with custom profiles and complex shapes. Those long bars and rods can be used as raw material for forming into finished products, or they can be finished or machined into individual products like spacers or nuts. 

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Brass is a critical component in:

  • Brass terminals/brass terminal blocks: These modular insulated electrical components are widely used in electrical switches as a contact for transmitting electricity.
  • Brass electrical components: These metal electrical parts are used to connect electrical paths, distribute electricity, and maintain overpower.
  • Brass spacers: Used with electrical hardware and electrical elements, spacers separate components while offering electrical insulation.
  • Cable clamp: These mechanical clips define a route for cables along a building wall or any type of electrical enclosure.
  • As well as brass extrusion rods, brass locking nuts, brass fuse parts, earring accessories, rain water pipes, and lug clamps. 

How to Find the Best Partner for Brass Extrusion

Brass extrusion is a process that requires extreme precision, expertise, and care. The Federal Group brings extensive extrusion experience to the table, and we’re well-versed in handling several types of extrusion, including steel extrusions, aluminum extrusions, and brass extrusions.

Extrusions have a number of advantages. Molding metal can be expensive, but extrusion tends to be a cost-effective option. Extrusion doesn’t require the extreme heat of casting, and dies are reusable, which saves customers money over the long run.

Brass extrusion also offers benefits from reduced weight to reduced waste and improved productivity through shorter machining times. Using brass extrusion, brass blocks and links can be developed and supplied exactly to a customer’s specifications.

Start a Brass Extrusion Manufacturing Project Today

As your metal parts experts, The Federal Group can handle your custom brass extrusion needs. We manufacture a wide range of brass extrusions, from simple to complex, catering to your specific project, requirements, and needs. 

We can work with a variety of materials and finishes, including: 


  • Gunmetal
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Silicon Brass
  • BS 1400


  • Natural
  • Nickel
  • Tin
  • Custom

Contact us today to get started on a custom brass extrusion project quote.

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