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Laser Cutting

The Federal Group USA utilizes top-of-the-line laser machines to satisfy the laser cutting service needs of nearly any industry. We offer laser cutting and engraving services for a variety of materials, all tailored to your product’s specifications. From prototype to the production line, The Federal Group USA is committed to providing excellent fabrications with custom laser cutting design.

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Laser Cutting Services

We offer fabrication services for:

  • Tube laser cutting
  • Sheet metal laser cutting
  • Services requiring a CNC laser cutting machine
  • Fabricating products from laser-cut steel
  • Fabricating products from laser-cut aluminum
  • And more

Tube Laser Cutting

Tube laser cutting allows your laser cutting design to be machined from one continuous tube. With our proprietary tube laser cutting service, whatever cut your product needs can be made directly from any pipe or tubing. This simplifies the cutting process and saves you time and materials, ultimately leading to a reduced overall cost.

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

Although a sheet metal laser cutting machine is typically unable to cut through metals of great thickness, they are more precise and energy-efficient when compared to plasma cutting. Our specially developed sheet metal laser cutting service is available for cutting brass, aluminum, stainless steel, and copper.

CNC Laser Cutting

If your laser cutting design requires extra precision, you may require the use of a CNC laser cutting machine to fabricate the product you envision. CNC laser cutting machines are computer-controlled, ensuring your cuts have the highest degree of quality and focus.

Laser-Cut Steel and Laser-Cut Aluminum

Let The Federal Group USA turn your 3D model designs into a finished product of laser-cut aluminum, laser-cut steel, or fabrication from any number of other materials. With a high-powered laser cutting machine, we will add a new level of professionalism to your products with custom cuts.

Industrial Uses

The construction industry has begun to move toward laser cutting technology over more traditional processes, as these laser cutting machines can increase productivity. A switch to laser cutting can also save effort and lower costs during your prototyping phase by giving you a cleaner, more efficiently fabricated part.

Automotive Uses

Many parts in the automotive industry are manufactured using sheet metal laser cutting techniques. Bumpers, hoods, roofs, fenders, doors, seating frames, and many other parts of modern vehicles rely on laser cutting services.

Putting vehicles through their paces during pre-production testing has never been easier than with cost-effective laser-cut parts. Any modifications to design can quickly be dialed in on the laser cutting machine. This ability to make accurate off-the-cuff changes helps when creating batches of a specific part that has multiple trim variations.

Uses in Aerospace

Aircraft, much like automobiles, require a high degree of precision when it comes to fabricating parts for their industrial use. Intricate and complex components of aircraft are easily created with laser cutting equipment. The powerful lasers are equipped to cut strong metals and alloys used in flight equipment to perfection.

Laser Cutting in the Energy Industry

Sheet metal and tubular components for solar, wind, oil, and gas applications can be laser cut for use in the energy industry. Laser cutting services make the creation of parts for the energy industry equipment repair quick and simple. Fast repairs might mean all the difference in efficiencies within such a vital field.

Other Industrial Uses of Laser Cutting Technology

Parts crafted by laser cutting machines can be found in a variety of sectors all over the world. In addition to the automotive, aerospace, and energy industries, products fabricated by laser cutting methods can also be found in the agricultural, fitness, industrial, and appliance industries.

Farm equipment, forestry equipment, and lawn care equipment all rely on laser-cut fabrications.

These types of manufactured parts can also be found in treadmills, stationary bikes, and other exercise equipment. Along with these functional and practical uses, laser-cut materials are used in architecture and décor as well.

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Pictured above: A conveyor cup manufactured via laser cutting by TFG USA for the agricultural industry.

The Federal Group USA’s Standard of Quality

With The Federal Group USA’s proprietary laser cutting service, we are able to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their laser cutting design. Quality is key when it comes to precision laser cutting, and we believe our success is rooted in our highly trained personnel combined with our unique processes. Our engineers are as reliable as they are knowledgeable, and can help you achieve the perfect product for every application.

Our personal promise of quality is not the only thing we offer. The Federal Group USA also meets ISO/TS standards, and every product we manufacture is tested in a fully accredited lab. We take pride in delivering a superior-quality product to our customers. Our products can stand up to the tests of any industry that needs our service.

Advantages of Adopting Laser Cutting Services for Your Product

If you are ready to lower your manufacturing costs and increase the total revenue earned by your products, then you should consider laser cutting as an alternative during your production process. Your entire product’s development phase will be expedited with the increased efficiency and focus of laser cutting.

Your new laser-cut product may also outperform your previous prototypes due to its customized nature. During the creation process, products are tested to ensure they are capable of handling the stress of their individual applications. If you are unsure of the best material to use, thickness or design for your product, we can always help you make the right decision.

Other advantages of using laser cutting technology for your next project include:

  • Finalized products that meet your precise  standards
  • Lowered manufacturing cost by reducing manual labor
  • A high degree of flexibility when it comes to your product’s designs
  • Product analysis from trained and experienced engineers

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