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Metal Hopper

Agricultural feed hoppers are essential workhorses that move grain, seeds, and other bulk commodity materials from one receptacle to another during the harvest season.

Made from stainless steel sheet metal, metal hoppers ensure perishable goods end up at the right place at the right time, whether feeding livestock or prepping seeds for the next season.

High-performance stainless sheet metal fabrication (a specialty of The Federal Group) is essential to creating the best agricultural hoppers that rise to the daily and seasonal challenges of commodity distribution.

Keep reading to find out what goes into making the best agricultural hopper assembly.

Cold Welding Process for Stainless Steel Hopper

In manufacturing stainless steel hoppers for our customers, we use an innovative cold welding process.

Cold welding, also known as contact welding, is a solid-state welding process in which two parts are bonded together without using fusion or heating. Cold welding occurs when materials are pressed together tightly enough to allow the material atoms to jump from the adjoining pieces, creating a near-perfect bond between the two. To achieve this homogeneous bond, however, both metal surfaces must be cleaned to perfection, removing all oxide layers that would interfere with adhesion. 

First recognized as a general materials phenomenon in the 1940s, cold welding shows additional promise in today’s micro- and nanofabrication processes. 

Above: A fixture we designed for the welding process.

Advantages to Custom Agricultural Hopper Assembly 

While an agricultural hopper assembly can be purchased as a standard implement, there are distinct advantages to creating a custom fabricated product with custom parts and components. 

  • Custom parts are made specifically for your application. Instead of retrofitting a standard model to fit your needs, a custom product or part can literally be bent to your will—easily fitting into your workflow, space, and needs.
  • Custom parts mean focused attention. Each custom agricultural hopper assembly is produced by skilled engineers using top-of-the-line equipment and the highest-quality materials and alloys. 
  • Customized fabrication can extend the service life of your products. When you opt for customized metal parts for your agricultural hopper assembly, we’ll help select the right materials and thoroughly analyze your designs and drawings to ensure they’ll be fabricated to handle the specific stresses of your situation, season after season.

Start an agricultural hopper assembly manufacturing project today

Looking for a partner or supplier that can handle your agricultural or industrial hopper assembly manufacturing requirements? The Federal Group has been a leader in metal fabrication services for 40+ years. 

We offer a complete range of metal fabrication capabilities, including:

  • Metal stamping
  • Hot extrusion
  • Welding
  • Folding
  • Cutting and bending
  • Laser cutting
  • Water jetting
  • Metal spinning
  • Finishing
  • Sheet metal fabrication

We work directly with farmers as well as agricultural and machinery manufacturing companies to produce high-quality custom metal products they can depend on. Our process includes in-depth product analysis, increased product performance, shorter product development cycles, and lowered manufacturing costs, while maintaining full compliance with industry standards. 

At The Federal Group, we design, develop, and manufacture agricultural products for the long haul. Contact us today to speak with one of our engineers about how we can deploy our full scope of manufacturing capabilities with your custom agricultural hopper assembly project.

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