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December 6, 2018

Job Posting – Logistics Analyst

A logistic analyst is sought by our company in Oakland, Michigan. we are a multi-product, multi-industry supplier of industrial component parts and assemblies. We manage global logistics and supply chain operations from China, Taiwan, Europe, and North America. Our supplier management team controls ISO conformance and manufacturing audits. We are committed to giving our customers the support they need in order to leverage their competitive advantage in today’s global environment. The qualified candidate will perform following duties:

  • Discuss shipping plan in collaborative planning forecasting and replenishment calls with different planning teams and customers in a weekly basis;
  • Work with steam shipping lines to schedule shipping of products from manufacturing locations to the customers destination;
  • Monitor products flow from departure to destination by tracking the shipments;
  • Maintain all documentation/paperwork for the shipping of all products from all suppliers;
  • Complete import security filing on time, and provide all documentation needed for successful clearance of all shipments;
  • Review and revise freight bills/invoices and logistics documentation based on guidance;
  • Record, maintain and analyze customers’ orders, shipping preferences, freight quotes and timelines, to develop best shipping arrangement to maximize vehicle usage;
  • Monitor overall logistics processes, analyze transportation costs, air freight, inland freight, and ocean freight procurement, back orders, etc., and identify inefficiency in order to recommend improvement on logistics processes;
  • Analyze inventory transactions, purchasing orders, and shipping schedules to forecast logistics industry’s trends and market, and report to management team;
  • Analyze current company’s operation, draft and propose new logistics processes standards, operation policies, and evaluation models, in order to improve efficiency;
  • Develop and implement logistics strategies aligning operational capacities and service level with the company goal;
  • Participate meeting with logistics management team to determine company’s services, logistics strategies, plans and budgets control;
  • Evaluate logistics performance measures and report to management team;
  • Coordinate with accountants to ensure accurate and on time payments from customers, vendor, agents, etc.;
  • Create and implement vendor score card to all new vendor, set KPI for all existing supplier for performance evaluation;
  • Timely update logistics resource information, such as vendors, freight fee quotes, shipping schedules and capacities, etc.;
  • Develop and maintain good relations with all vendors, suppliers, agents and shipping company;
  • Identify business opportunities to accelerate commodity circulation;
  • Participate in continue education and events to obtain newest logistics industry information.


  1. At least Bachelors’ Degree in Supply Chain Management;
  2. Strong analyst skills;
  3. Able to take multi-tasks;
  4. Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Please contact us if you are interested in this position or if you have a referral.


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