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April 2, 2014

Electronic Components Manufacturing

High Quality Electronic Components with Reliability and Performance.

When you think of TFG USA, what first comes to mind might be our quality castings, forgings or precision engine components. But, did you know that The Federal Group USA is also able to manufacture products for the electronics industry?  In fact, we have been supplying the electronics industry with superior electronic components for over thirty years. You may have seen some of  our work in the following applications:

  • PCB Board components
  • Toys
  • Air circulators
  • Switching hardware
  • Housing components and assemblies

Our high quality assemblies match the reliability and performance of other top of the line electronic components, so you can be sure you made the right decision to contract with The Federal Group USA.

Some of the diverse products that we have produce for the electronics industry:

Below is an electric motor produced by the Federal Group USA.

TFG USA Electric Motor

TFG USA manufactured electronic components in the pink toy car.

TFG USA electronic components for toy car

Choose us for your next electronic components assembly

The Federal Group USA has the passion, resources and the technical knowledge to take  your electronics project to the next level. We will make your procurement life easier when it comes to providing custom manufactured electronic components in the Global marketplace. We will manage the production, provide innovation and engineering support for all of  your projects.

Contact us for a quote today.

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