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June 6, 2023

How to Choose the Right Metal Forging Manufacturers For Your Project

Finding the right metal forging manufacturers is no easy task. Follow our guide to be sure you’ve landed on a great one. 

So you have a metal forging manufacturing project in the pipeline, whether it’s a critical aircraft part, railroad equipment, or hand tools. How do you go about finding the right manufacturing partner for your product or assembly? 

Take your time—and ask the right questions—while choosing the right manufacturing partner, and you’ll avoid aggravation and frustration down the road. Plus, you’ll be rewarded with a partnership that aligns with the specifics of your product or assembly.

Whether you have a one-off project in mind or are looking for a long-term relationship for ongoing production, here are some of the top things to keep in mind while choosing metal forging manufacturers—and the best questions to ask as you’re forging ahead.

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Above: Drill bits manufactured by TFG USA via the forging process.

What to Consider When Looking for Metal Forging Manufacturers

The Best Metal Forging Methods for your Project or Product

The different types of metal forging processes are classified by the temperature of the metal being worked with, and range from cold forging to warm forging to hot forging. You’re going to want to ensure the manufacturer you’re considering specializes in the forging method you’re looking for. 

Question to ask your manufacturer: What type of forging is best suited for my metal product, and what are your capabilities in that area?

In-House Metal Forging Manufacturing Capabilities

Look for a manufacturing partner that can handle forging and machining in-house rather than outsourcing key processes. You want a partner that can take care of key production processes from the initial stage to the finished product, as outsourcing can extend lead times, increase cost, and impact quality control.

Question to ask your manufacturer: Which parts of the process are handled in-house, and which are outsourced?

Speedy Turnaround Times for Metal Forging 

Do you need parts by a certain date, or do you have more flexibility? Consider whether the metal forging manufacturer in question offers speedy turnaround times when it comes to everything from preparing quotes to manufacturing products. The ideal manufacturing partner will be able to keep up with demand for ongoing projects.

Questions to ask your manufacturer: What are your delivery options? Is expedited shipping available? Are you able to provide a detailed timeline of each process?

Engineering Acumen in the Forging Industry

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The longer the manufacturer has been in the forging industry, the better. Ideally, your manufacturing partner will have engineers with significant experience working in your particular industry, whether it’s automotive, construction, or aerospace. Seek out manufacturers that offer comprehensive testing services, as well. 

Question to ask your manufacturer: What kind of access do clients have to technical experts to answer questions? Do you offer material, hardness, or mechanical testing services? 

Suitable Certification for Custom Metal Forging

Speaking of testing, you will want a provider who has proper certification and who is willing to provide certification details when requested. Preferably, your partner will be ISO-certified. ISO-certified companies are required to follow specific international industrial guidelines and specifications in every process. This assures the client is getting durable and high-quality products. 

Question to ask your manufacturer: Are you ISO certified?

Open Lines of Communication

Communication is essential in any manufacturing project. The best manufacturing partner will provide clear communication lines between supplier and client at every stage of the process. Going through the research process itself will be illuminating—how hard is it to get in touch? How quickly do you get replies? This will likely tell you a lot about how fast you’ll get responses to quotes and inquiries once you’re working together.

Question to ask your manufacturer: What does the order review process look like? 

Proven Track Record in Metal Forging

You’re going to want to find a manufacturer with a long history of producing durable and high-quality forgings, and of producing precise products in terms of measurements and functionality. Check for good reviews from current and past clients. 

Question to ask your manufacturer: Who are some current and past clients I can reach out to for referrals? Does your business have any Google reviews?

Cost-Effective Solutions for Custom Metal Forging

Cost is always a factor, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the cheapest option is the best. You’re going to want a manufacturing partner that will evaluate your specific project and needs and present the most cost-effective solution for excellent results. Often, high-quality products are optimized for long-term performance, which means you might pay more upfront but you’ll save money in the long run. 

Question to ask your manufacturer: What flexible payment and shipping options are available? 

Looking for the Best Metal Forging Manufacturers? 

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As your metal parts experts, The Federal Group specializes in metal forging. If you’re interested in forging custom metal parts or components, don’t hesitate to give The Federal Group USA a call. Our experienced support team members will go through your project requirements with you, and help you determine the best course of action. 

Contact us to get started on a free quote for your metal forging project today.

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