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April 28, 2023

5 Types of Custom Wire Shelving

Inject Personality Into Industrial Storage with Custom Wire Decking

Wire shelving, also known as wire decking, is an ideal storage solution for companies like Amazon and Walmart as well as in industries such as cloud computing and warehousing. 

Among the most versatile storage options for warehouses and distribution centers, wire rack shelving is a sleek solution that offers high visibility and is easy to assemble and customize. It’s durable and built to last—and offers multiple configurations and mobility options to fit any particular need. 

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Through wire forming, a specialty of The Federal Group, it’s possible to manufacture custom wire shelving outfitted for specific industries, storage needs, and available space. Wire decking comes in many different sizes and styles. Five common examples include:

  1. Pallet racks: Often found in a warehouse setting, these storage systems are designed to store materials on pallets, or skids.  
  2. Metal shelving: Metal shelving can be customized with compartments and partitions where tools, equipment, products, and more can be organized. 
  3. Stainless steel wire shelving: Perfect for use in the medical industry or healthcare settings, stainless steel wire shelving is easy to disinfect and clean. 
  4. Server racks: Used in data centers, server racks house and organize critical IT systems and help keep the electronics from potentially damaging overheating conditions.
  5. Wire baskets: Typically used in the agricultural industry, wire baskets and wire racks can be used for the support and organization of livestock control equipment. 

Even more important than choosing the right wire shelving, however, is choosing the right wire shelving manufacturer. A built-from-scratch solution can take into account your client’s specific storage needs, weight requirements, and space available.

When standard wire decks are not compatible with your client’s warehousing and storage needs, custom wire decking can offer an elegant solution.

What to Consider When Manufacturing Custom Wire Shelving

The Federal Group specializes in manufacturing custom wire shelving through wire forming, a process of taking wire and bending it into specific forms using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. 

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There are considerations to keep in mind when considering custom wire shelving for commercial settings.

  • Shelf Capacity. Typically, wire shelving can accommodate between 600 and 800 pounds of product or more, a big bonus when it comes to warehouse order fulfillment and storage optimization. Custom shelving can be designed to handle the specific products your business needs to store. 
  • Safety and Stability. Stainless steel is an optimal material for manufacturing wire decking because of its high weight capacity. For clients with heavier-than-typical storage needs, heavy-duty options can be constructed using heavier steel gauge, double rivet reinforcing, or thicker upright posts.
  • Quality Assurance. In industries such as healthcare and medical device manufacturing, strict regulations exist to ensure the safety of patients and caregivers. With a custom wire shelving project, you can be certain that quality assurance operations such as sterilization and other finishing operations are part of the wire forming process. 
  • Moisture Resistance. A multitude of finishes are available, including food-grade finishes and moisture-resistant finishes, which can stop rust and corrosion from forming, extending the longevity of wire shelving. 

Start a Wire Shelving Manufacturing Project Today

Looking for wire shelving manufacturers? No matter what your client’s custom wire decking needs, The Federal Group is ready to assist with a safe and reliable wire forming solution. 

As your metal parts experts, we take pride in offering custom wire shelving manufacturing and production to suit any application. Each of our decking styles can be engineered to the exact sizes and capacities you need. 

Contact us to get started on your custom wire decking project today.

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