Metal Fabrication for Construction and Heavy Equipment
September 21, 2023

Metal Fabrication: Under Construction

Metal fabrication plays a central role in construction—and it’s not in the way you think

It’s well known that metal fabrication is a crucial component in the construction industry. Metal is used to build buildings, of course, but on an even simpler level, the earliest phases of construction wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for metal fabrication. That’s because without it, we would have no excavators, graders, dozers, loaders, haul trucks, or any of the heavy equipment needed to build them.

Metal fabrication is the guy behind the guy behind the guy who builds the world’s tallest skyscrapers. And with growth momentum in the construction industry in the U.S. expected to continue—by 5.2% to reach $1,735,526.5 million in 2027, according to the United States Construction Industry Databook—plenty of construction equipment will be needed to build all those buildings. 

Ultimate Building Machines

The best products start with the best parts, and the most essential parts for construction equipment and machinery are manufactured through metal fabrication. From the excavators used to dig to the dozers used to clear land, to the graders used to prep sites, and the loaders and haul trucks needed to transport and move materials around construction sites, all heavy machinery is made up of metal components.

skid steer bucket

Off-highway equipment and machinery, used at construction, mining, and other rough-terrain job sites, is made up of metal-fabricated parts as well. Off-highway equipment—like the heavy trucks and backhoes used for earthmoving and the cranes and telehandlers used to handle materials—is continually exposed to debris and harsh weather conditions. That means it must be made of durable components capable of withstanding such rugged environments. 

The Components of Construction Equipment

To ensure your machinery is equipped for such intense operations, you’ll want a manufacturer with extensive experience designing and manufacturing a wide range of off-highway equipment components. At TFG USA, we can design, manufacture, and assemble the metal parts and components for your off-highway and construction equipment, handling everything from metal fabrication to metal stamping, welding, sand casting, investment casting, and metal forging

metal fabrication construction industry auger

A few of the parts we commonly manufacture include: 

  • Skid steer attachments: Also known as skid steer buckets, these are a versatile tool used in farming and construction for warehousing, landscaping, hay handling and more.
  • Steel buckets: Ideal for heavy use in industrial and commercial applications. 
  • Excavator attachments: Adaptable parts used to move earth, clean debris, and clear land.
  • Grading buckets: Used for ditch maintenance, grading, slope work and construction.
  • Snow blades: Adjustable attachments for snow removal or light dozer applications.
  • Utility forks: Used to handle and move bundled materials, loose straw, manure, and other difficult-to-grab materials.
  • Pallet forks: Skid steer or tractor attachment used to maneuver and move materials on pallets.
  • Augers: Used to drill holes for fence poles, telephone poles, foundations, etc.
  • Grapples: Excavator attachment tool to pick up, move, and sort materials of all shapes and sizes.
  • We even have experience creating custom cab structure frames using wire forming

Common Materials for Heavy Equipment

metal fabrication construction equipment 2

It’s important to choose materials known for strength, durability and weather-resistance when manufacturing parts for heavy off-highway and construction machinery and equipment. A few of the metals commonly used to make parts for construction equipment are:

Aluminum: Lightweight but strong and durable, aluminum is also corrosion resistant. 

Brass: This attractive metal repels rust, which makes it a smart choice for humid environments. 

Copper: Its conductivity sets it apart from other common metals used in heavy machinery.

Steel: A sustainable and versatile solution, it’s the most widely used metal in the construction industry.

Titanium: Another lightweight but very durable metal that’s popular for machinery components.

Ready to Start a Construction Equipment Project?

Our 40-plus years of metal fabrication expertise coupled with our commitment to quality control ensure your products will exceed performance and safety expectations.

Quality has to start somewhere, and for TFG USA, it starts with the best quality parts and components. Contact us to find out how we can produce the parts you need for your off-highway and construction equipment project.

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