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Heat Sink

Heat sinks are an essential electronics component that help dissipate heat and prevent damage to electronic devices—if designed and manufactured correctly. Find out what the best heat sink manufacturers do—and why aluminum heat sinks reign supreme.

Help Your Electronics Take the Heat

Electronic devices like cell phones, computers, and DVD players generate plenty of heat, and one unsung part works overtime to keep them from overheating. A heat sink. Without them, our computers would slow to a crawl and our cell phones would power down. 

Heat sinks can be made from metals including copper, which is known for its heat conductivity, and even graphite. But copper is heavy and expensive, and graphite is not as conductive as metal. Aluminum heat sinks are one of the most popular used in manufacturing because the material is much better than competing options at absorbing heat. 

The Federal Group specializes in making heat sinks with aluminum for a few reasons. For one, it’s lightweight, which makes for a lower final product weight—and translates into lower shipping costs. Aluminum is also significantly cheaper than other options like copper, which means we’re able to offer them at a significant cost savings to our customers. 

Functioning much like your car’s radiator, die cast aluminum heat sinks, a specialty of The Federal Group, can be used in applications ranging from temperature-controlled laser diodes and automotive hardware to lightweight communication gadgets and audio hardware. 

Read on to learn what goes into making the best aluminum die cast heat sinks.

Aluminum Die Casting Process for Heat Sinks

Heat sinks can be manufactured through a variety of processes, including die casting and CNC machining. In manufacturing heat sinks for our customers, TFG typically uses an aluminum die casting process. 

Aluminum die casting is a preferred method for producing metal parts in industries from automotive to telecommunications because it’s a safe and reliable way to cast and mold metal. 

With die casting, liquid metal is poured into a mold, or die, where it’s pressed into the specific shape being cast. The die consists of two halves, and after the molten aluminum solidifies, the halves are pulled apart to unveil the cast aluminum part. We use a high pressure die casting process, which means we’re able to manufacture heat sinks quickly and efficiently.

Advantages to Die Casting Heat Sinks

Aluminum die casting is a popular manufacturing process because it’s so versatile, efficient, and cost-effective.

Through die casting, it’s possible to produce extremely complicated shapes that you just can’t get with aluminum extrusion or aluminum machining. That’s why die casting is especially ideal for producing everything from intricate heat sinks to complex automobile parts. 

Going with aluminum die casting guarantees:

  • Aesthetically pleasing results. A great range of surface finishes are available, including a smooth finish with nice sheen. 
  • Strength in scale. Through die casting, you’ll end up with extremely lightweight components without sacrificing strength.
  • Long-term durability. Aluminum die casting produces corrosion-resistant parts and assemblies that will perform for the long haul. 

While die casting has higher startup costs than some other processes, those who choose it will be rewarded in the long term with less expensive per-unit costs—especially when it’s used for mass production. 

Start a Heat Sink Manufacturing Project Today

The Federal Group can assist with aluminum die casting manufacturing projects including custom heat sinks. We can walk you through the process outlined above and answer any questions you have about the die casting process and how it can help in producing heat sinks. 

Every die casting project is different, and at TFG USA, we treat your order with the care and individualized attention it deserves. Contact us today to get a free quote for your next aluminum die casting project.

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