About Sand Casting

Sand casting involves compressing a sand and clay mixture into boxes called flasks. A model of the piece to be replicated is placed in the sand and the sand compressed around it, creating a mold of the object. Molten metal is then poured into the sand to create the desired product. Depending on the metal being used, we have different formulations of sand and its additives for ideal physical properties.

Sand Casting Equipment

Magma Solidification Software

  • Results in better pattern making and gating to reduce or eliminate porosity.

Coreless Induction Melting Furnace

  • With a fast heat-up time, this combines high productivity with maximum alloy flexibility.

Channel Holding Furnace

  • Combines high productivity with the economical operation and provides a continuous supply of ready-to-pour metal 24 hours a day.

Automatic Sand Molding Machine

  • Made with mechanical automation and used for high volume casting, all molds have the same dimensions, tension, moisture content and other properties.

The Federal Group’s Sand Casting Capabilities

Our sand casting capabilities have a wide range from 1 lb to 30,000 lbs per piece. Different sand casting materials and methods can be used to achieve the ideal result for your project needs:

Green Sand Molding

– Castings are made using sand molds formed containing water and organic bonding compounds (typically clay).

Resin Sand Molding / Shell Molding

– Castings are made with resin sand, which is a mixture of quartz sand and resin. Also known as a hard mold, the resin sand becomes very hard and solid after mixing and burning.

No-Bake/Air Set Molding

– This sand casting process involves the use of chemical binders to bond the molding sand. Heating is not necessary in this process.

Complete Metallurgical Analysis

-Our state of the art lab is fully capable of preparing metals for analysis.

– Microscopic and Macroscopic Analyses: Sectioning, mounting, polishing, and micro etching are done to prepare the metal for analysis.

– X-Ray Diffraction Analysis: We are also capable of preserving the specimen: This is a nondestructive technique for characterizing crystalline material or minerals.

-Fully Equipped Sand Testing Lab:  Capable of testing all of the characteristics of prepared sand for casting, we have maximum control over sand casting processes. This identifies casting defects and process inefficiencies, resulting in superior products at a lower cost of operation.  


-Stainless Steel/ Duplex 2205, 2507 & Zeron

-Alloy Steel

-Grey, Ductile & White Iron


-Brass, Bronze & Copper